Monika and Erhard’s design for our South Golden Beach house has been a joy for us. While aesthetics is the most obvious attraction, it comes as a result of form following function. The simplicity of design belies the sophisticated and clever hidden engineering details that produce a building that sits lightly on the ground. The house has been orientated to cater for all seasonal changes. In summer exposure to the western sun is minimized and in winter advantage is taken of the northern course of the sun to gain extra warmth. Internally there is optimal use of space. Extending wardrobes and cupboards to ceiling height creates abundant storage and it appears more spacious than the actual dimensions would have us believe. Refresh has ticked all our boxes and we love our house.



Refresh provided us with an amazing service. We had never built before and found it very reassuring to have such competent and skilled professionals guide us through the process. We engaged Erhard and Monika before we bought the property to seek their views on its potential. They worked with us through the design phase to bring to life our ideas. The process was very smooth thanks to Erhard‘s drafting of the DA documents and liaison with council and the certifiers. Erhard monitored the construction phase and was quick to sort out any problems. When difficulties arose with contractors Erhard was fantastic at providing solutions in a calm and professional manner. We always felt very supported by Erhard and Monika. They were accessible throughout the process and their advice often saved us from making mistakes and costing us money. We love the finished product - the studio really has a ‚wow‘ factor. 

Dan & Trish M.