herston garden house


HOUZZ 71/05/15

What’s hiding at the bottom of the garden? Well, in Brisbane, the answer is Herston Gardenhouse, a spacious and light-filled home designed by refresh*design. Heston Gardenhouse exemplifies a concept for how it may be possible to create a second income stream, house a multigenerational family or capitalize by subdividing an underused backyard...



This project seeks to re-conceptualise contemporary inner-city living. Like most capital cities in Australia, Brisbane recognises that urban sprawl is not the solution to cater for the rapid growth of its population. Searching for a sustainable solution to this issue, Refresh Architecture has developed a model for 'infill-developments' that sensitively increases density of urban areas. This model has been branded "my gardenhouse". Such infill-developments inhabit often-unused urban spaces, and through utilising existing infrastructure, makes them highly sustainable...





Designing a stylish, contemporary home as an infill structure that sits behind an existing house is hard enough as it is. But in the case of Herston Gardenhouse, Refresh* Architecture also had to face the added challenge of working with a site that had as much as 6 meters of inclination. While most architects would view this as a major hindrance to the design of a new home, the innovative folks at Refresh* used it to their advantage by placing the bedrooms and master suite on the lower level of the sparkling new residence...


DIS-UP! 02/08/17

Refresh Architecture densifica terrenos residenciales con ampliaciones sustentables