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R* is very proud for having been granted a license for creating a Nightingale project in Brisbane. 

While most of today’s housing stock is driven by the expectation of the real estate market, Nightingale housing is designer lead and aims to cater for the need of the actual inhabitants. As such, this ‘Baugruppen” model is involving the future users early into the design process. This not only eliminates developer profits for the benefit of the inhabitants, it also provides adequate housing tailored to the needs of the actual user. To phrase this with the words of the Nightingale organisation:

“We make homes for people.”

“Nightingale Housing is leading a housing revolution in our cities by constructing multi-residential buildings that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

We call this the Nightingale model.”

If you are interested in this model, please get either directly in touch with us here

or find out more through the Nightingale website: www.nightingalehousing.org