Ourimbah, NSW


REFRESH_icon_Cliff House.jpg

Located on a spectacular cliff top site, this project embraces the geography by exploring the principles of floating and suspension, whilst framing the extraordinary views through the building. Three boxes are stacked on top of each other, with each box partly offset from the other and overhanging at points, creating the impression of a floating structure. The separate boxes have different functions, with the program of the house organised to best suit the relationship with the geography. Being clad in stone and therefore becoming part of the cliff, the lowest box houses the master bedroom suite, while the one sitting on top of it contains all living areas. Being rather enclosed towards the driveway for privacy, it opens to all other sides for maximum connection to the environment. Secondary bedrooms are located at the top level, with a box that is floating and immersed in the view. Materials proposed include corten steel, natural stone and unfinished timber to resemble the qualities and colour tones of the surrounding environment.