We believe great architecture enhances people’s lives and thereby contributes to a better functioning society. Our mission is to use design as a tool to surpass our client’s aspiration whilst at the same time balancing their intentions to positively influence the environment.

Our work has a strong focus on sustainability, underlined by its capacity to endure. It is contextual, adaptable, harmonious and well considered in the use of space, light, material and technology.

Striving for the most meaningful and sustainable solutions, from concept to delivery, in every phase we continue to improve and refine the design until the project is complete. 






Erhard Rathmayr 


Erhard Rathmayr graduated with a Masters in Architecture from TU Graz, Austria. His journey led him to complete his thesis in Mexico researching urbanist theories and the chaos theory in conjunction with favelas at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Erhard co-founded the multi award winning Austrian architectural studio, Innocad, whilst winning several academic awards. Erhard has been excelling in architecture in the Australian landscape since 2004 and in 2010 co-established R* together with his partner Monika.

monika obrist


Monika graduated with a Masters in Architecture from TU Graz, Austria. She studied architectural influences of Spain at Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and Mexico at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. After that, Monika worked in architecture and visual communications, perfecting her skills as a designer, while working for several design studios in Austria as well as Australia. In 2010 she co-established R* driven by her desire to combine European design with the diversity of the Australian environment and culture.


Corinne trang


Corinne joined R* in 2015 after having worked locally for prominent architectural practices. Growing up in France, she completed her studies with masters at the ESAG Penninghen in Paris. Corinne has accumulated a variety of project experience from working in France, Hong Kong, Beijing and Melbourne. This international exposure has honed Corinne’s design aesthetics and truly adds flair to her projects. With a keen eye for design, Corinne thoroughly enjoys a challenge and pushing the boundaries.





Mark joined R* in 2017 after finishing his studies culminating in a Master of Architecture from Deakin University, Geelong.
Originally from Victoria, Mark has spent time travelling through Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He enjoys the ‘learning through doing’ aspect of life and the challenges faced by current Australian architecture.  He’s learning through his experimental work using virtual reality to enhance the aesthetic experience and real time development of design in digital space.